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Mortgage Payment Calculators for Purchase and Refinance

Free Mortgage Calculators and tools for your home purchase and refinance transactions.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

The most popular and the simplest mortgage loan payment calculator. How much will the mortgage payment be for a given interest rate and term, and how much interest will I end up paying over the life of the loan?

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

With this tool you can not only calculate your new refinance mortgage payments but will also calculate the time period it will take to break even on the closing costs associated with obtaining the new loan.

Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator

Compare mortgage payments for a given interest rate and term of various fixed rate offerings with this mortgage calculator.

Average Interest Rate

What is the average interest rate for all of my outstanding debt?

Mortgage Amortization Calculator

How much will my monthly loan payment be? And what does the amortization schedule of my mortgage payments look like?

FHA Mortgage Calculator and Guidelines

How to calculate the actual FHA Loan amount and the mortgage payments associated with it.

VA Mortgage Loan Calculator and Guidelines

Home Purchase and Re Finance Qualifying Calculators

Buying a house? Are you qualified? How much can you afford?

Debt to Income Ratio Mortgage Calculator

What is a front end debt ratio and what is a back end ratio ? What Mortgage Payment am I qualified for? What is the Mortgage Loan amount I am qualified for?

Renter Affordability

How much house could I afford based on how much I currently pay out in rent?

Home Buyer's Tax Deduction Benefits

Mortgage payment tax deduction calculator shows tax savings when financing a home as oppose to renting.

Real Estate Sales Commission

How much will it cost me to sell my home? Or what portion of the purchase price is the sales commission?

Home Equity Line of Credit

Credit lines can play an important role in your mortgage planning process. Learn the alternatives available.

Home Equity Line of Credit Calculator

How large of a credit line is available to me, and for how long?

Debt Consolidation with an Equity Line

How much will my monthly mortgage payment be if I consolidate all of my debts into a single home-equity loan? Use this calculator to find out.

Dollar Stretching and Interest Saving Mortgage Calculators

Looking to save on monthly expenses or saving on interest; These mortgage calculators will help you weigh the alternatives.

Interest Only Mortgage Loan Calculator

How much will my interest-only payments be?

Bi-Weekly Payments

How much money will I really will I save if I make bi-weekly, instead of monthly mortgage payments on my home loan?

Mortgage Pay Off Goal Calculator

How much extra will I need to pay each month in order to payoff a debt or mortgage by a given date?

Investment Planning Mortgage Calculators

Home ownership and investment planning are interrelated. weigh your options.

Debt Investment with Amortization Schedule

Should I invest my extra money, or use it to pay off debts? This mortgage calculator will help you determine just that.

Debt Investment, One Time Investment

What will my return on investment be if I add an extra amount to my debt/mortgage payments on a monthly basis?