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Driving Down Post-Build Insurance

The importance of ?????????sticking to a rigorous budget in home building is well established, especially when you’re relying on a home building loan. What should also be kept at the forefront of planning and not consigned to lesser budgeting is post-build insurance costs. With California home insurance rates averaging $300-$1000 according to the Federal Reserve Bureau, and other rates coming into play depending on the nature of your cover, the costs of protecting your investment soon stack up.

Prior to the building process, practicing careful assessment and due diligence of your lenders will help you to avoid scammers and protect your investment. During your residency, being aware of key insurer considerations and keeping your knowledge up to date will protect your wallet for years to come. more »

Home Energy: Improvements to Make on Your Home to make it More Energy Efficient

Home Energy Improvements to Make on Your Home to Make it More Energy EfficientAs a homeowner, you always want to ensure that your home is in tip top shape. However, you are probably also concerned with saving money any time you make improvements on your home. In the long run, certain improvements will pay off due to the fact that they can make your home more energy efficient. As a result, you will not only be friendlier to the environment but will save money as well. more »

Best Defense: How to Protect Your House from Winter Storms

Best Defense How to Protect Your House from Winter StormsWinter storms are usually predicted days in advance, but they can sometimes take you by surprise. Your family needs to be prepared for anything the weather might bring in order to protect all you own. Take time now to prepare your home’s defenses against anything the weatherman calls for. Consider making an investment in the right types of equipment to protect your home and its value. more »

Preparing for Bankruptcy in 2015

Bankruptcy-CourtWith a new year, it may be the time to change your life for the better. Perhaps your financial situation was less than ideal during 2014. The following are the steps preparing for bankruptcy in 2015 to give you a fresh start for the new year and a fresh financial future. more »

Making Your House A Home: Simple Ways To Make Your Home Unique And Inviting

Simple Ways To Make Your Home Unique And InvitingAny residence is a house, but turning a house into a home takes a personal touch to add warmth and comfort. These personal touches can take many forms. Here are a few simple ways to add unique and inviting touches that will make a house into a home. more »

Five Crucial Decisions You Need to Make Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

Five Crucial Decisions You Need to Make Before Starting Your Kitchen RemodelWhether you’re a culinary connoisseur or a takeout type, the kitchen is the social hub of most homes. It’s the room where families toast triumphs and savor suppers together. It makes sense, then, that homeowners tend to spend more on remodeling a kitchen than they do on any other room in the house. If you are considering starting a kitchen remodel, though, it is best to make a few important decisions before you get going in order to ensure the process is a smooth one. more »

Six Problems Around The Home You Shouldn’t Have Your Spouse Fix

6 Problems Around The Home You Shouldn't Have Your Spouse FixAs a homeowner, issues are guaranteed to arise at some point. Some home repairs involve a quick fix you can do yourself, but others are better left to professionals. The ability to recognize the difference between the two can save you time and money.

Electrical Repairs

Due to high voltage, electrical repairs can be downright dangerous. Also, this type of work has to be completed according to building codes. If you want to sell your house in the future, correctly installed electrical work can save you heaps of hassle. more »

The Age of Smart Homes: How Technology is Changing Our Home Lives

The Age of Smart Homes, How Technology is Changing Our Home Lives (1)Technology has added levels of convenience unknown in the past. We can now remotely warm our vehicles before we leave homes. Wristbands track our sleep times and calorie intake, and we can monitor our homes 24 hours a day. Smart home technology has changed the way we live. more »

10 Pest Control Tips to Follow This Winter

10 Pest Control Tips to Follow This WinterPests are more than just a nuisance. They can be a genuine health hazard to your family! Here are 10 tips for banishing them back to the wilderness this winter.

1. Store Your Goods Carefully

When you’re done with the holiday decorations, don’t put them in cardboard boxes. Secure them in plastic bins or cloth bags to prevent pests from making a meal out of your storage system. more »

Mortgage Application Rejected? 5 Common Reasons for Rejecting a Mortgage App

Mortgage Application Rejected - 5 Common Reasons for Rejecting a Mortgage AppMortgage Application Rejected? 5 Common Reasons for Rejecting a Mortgage App

It’s far from easy to get a home loan now that mortgage companies are highly regulated and mortgage application processes are under scrutiny. Ever since the housing market bubble burst in 2007, mortgage lenders have buckled down and tightened their lending requirements. Now, only about 55 percent of mortgage applications are actually accepted by lenders. If your mortgage application has recently been rejected, knowing the common reasons for rejection can help you determine if the rejection is fixable. Here are 5 common reasons 1 in every 2 applications are rejected by lenders: more »