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undefinedMortgage Trends to Expect in 2011
- Roger J

The year 2010 was as miserable as its predecessor as far as mortgage loans and the real estate markets go.

Rates will more than likely stay as unpredictable as they have always been, FHA will probably tighten up along with FNMA and Freddie Mac, but Jumbo loans are likely going to be easier to get.

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undefinedFree Mortgage Calculators; the best value on the Internet
- Roger J

Figuring out exactly what it is that you are being offered for your purchase or refinance home loan is the most critical step in obtaining a mortgage, made simple by the availability of free on line calculators.

Without these invaluable tools you could make a very expensive decision that could have major consequences on your personal finances.

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undefinedMortgage Loan Calculator;
Critical Tips to Ensure a Low Cost Refinance
- Julian Carter

Are you ready for applying for a refinance or purchase money mortgage loan?

In my years of experience as a loan officer, spanning over twenty two years, I probably came across only a handful of applicants who were actually prepared when when applying for a loan and even less applicants knew what to do when offered alternative combinations of rates and fees.

Using a variety of mortgage loan calculators you can quickly determine which product offering will actually save you money.

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How to Get A Free Credit Report
- Roger J  

Monitoring your credit report and correcting inaccuracies reported by creditors is something we need to do on a regular basis. It may be too late to take action, once you actually apply for a loan and are surprised by the report that the lender gets as correcting inaccuracies takes time and even when the credit reporting agencies to make the correction you have to wait for the update to take effect.

One very often neglect fact is the reality that if you've been late on an established account you should call the creditor and try and persuade them to remove the late item. This does not always work, but it is defiantly worth a try.           

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Shopping for an FHA, VA or Conventional Mortgage Loan
- Julian Carter  

Shopping for a mortgage loan is a lot more complex activity than picking up the phone and asking a lender what their current rates are.

Most mortgage lenders today offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of their prospective borrowers. A wide range of programs have always been available but in today's economy it seems like the sky is the limit.

Variables not only include the type of programs but also the borrower's credit rating and the amount of money the borrower is willing to invest up front.

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What Mortgage Amount Are You Qualified For?
- Roger J  

The very first step in planning to purchase a home or starting the process of re financing an existing mortgage loan is to calculate how much you are qualified for.

This site offers a verity of tools to help you do just that with plenty of tips and advise.

Going through this process should also include checking details like length of employment which may or may not count, availability of closing funds and reserves amongst other factors.

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