Mortgage Loan Payment Category of Calculators for Both Purchase and Re Finance Transactions

Calculators for Mortgage Payment, Total Interest and Amortization

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate monthly mortgage loan payments, the total interest you will end up paying over the life of the loan for a fixed rate mortgage of fixed term.
When calculating mortgage payments be sure to use the actual interest rate and not the Annual Percentage Rate.


Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

Calculating the actual effect of a refinance before committing to a new mortgage is critical. With this tool you can clearly see the new payments, monthly savings and above all the period over which the closing costs will break even.


Mortgage Consolidation Calculator
It is very difficult to calculate the blended effect of a fist and seconded mortgage without a calculator. Use this tool when considering a mortgage refinance in order to consolidate a first and a seconded mortgage or trust deed


Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator

Need to compare payments for various programs that you are offered? This calculator will do a side by side comparison.


Average Interest Rate
With this calculator you can calculate the blended interest rate that you are paying on a number of loans.


Mortgage Amortization Calculator

Need to know what is really going on with your mortgage? Then use the mortgage amortization calculator to generate a schedule that will show you the exact portion of the payment applied to the interest and the portion applied to the principal at any given time.