Calculators to Determine Debt Ratio Qualification and Tax Savings

Buying a House?
How Much of a House Are You Qualified For?

Obtaining a mortgage in order to buy a house involves a good deal more computations than those offered on the average web site. Below you will find a complete set of tools that will assist you in your decision making process.

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator
Calculating the debt to income ration is the most critical part of obtaining a new mortgage, use this calculator to determine your eligibility 

Renter Affordability
Rental payments are not tax deductible and as such you may be able to offered bigger payments for a mortgage than you are making on rent.

Home Buyer's Tax Deduction Benefits
This tool will calculate your income tax savings associated with your new mortgage.

Real Estate Sales Commission
How much will it cost me to sell my home? Or what portion of the purchase price is the sales commission?

Shopping for home mortgage loans can be simplified significantly if you make yourself familiar with the basic criteria that mortgage lenders use to qualify you. Below you will find all the tools necessary to figure out your mortgage loan payments, debt ration, total interest paid and the tax consequences of your mortgage loan.

Other than the standard fixed rate mortgage, there are a number of alternatives offered that can have a significant effect on your cash flow and the rate at which you can build equity.

In the current housing market, many people prefer to invest in real estate using an interest only mortgage or a mortgage with payment options. The latter were more commonly known as negative amortization mortgages, which offer you the option of paying the fully amortized payment or the minimum payment which is usually much lower.

The Dollar Stretching section of this web site has a simple interest option that will help you determine the difference in payments.

Alternatively, you may prefer to invest in a smaller home with intension of keeping your home mortgage payment small and making extra payments so as to build up equity. The Interest Savings section will help you determine what the effect of extra payments be on your mortgage loan.

For a complete analysis of purchase and refinance go to this mortgage calculator set.