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Real Estate Commission Calculator
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Real Estate Sales Commission Paid

     Contrary to general belief the commission charged by Real Estate Agents for a listing which is commonly split between the listing agent and selling agent, is not a standard 6%.

     Generally specking in average market areas and average market conditions most listing agents will charge 6% and split it 50/50 with the selling agent. However in slow market conditions and low cost areas agents may very well demand a minimum dollar amount. Conversely in high value areas sellers may very well negotiate a lower rate of commission and listing agents will sometimes take a smaller portion to encourage selling agents to show the property.

     In most states real estate sales is a regulated by the state and earning a commission from the sale of a property by an unlicensed person is illegal. Furthermore paying a so called referral fee to a third party, commonly known as under the table payment, is also not allowed under most sate laws not even to other licensed professional, with some limited exceptions and only when fully disclosed up front.

     Strictly speaking there should not be need for an online calculator to calculate the commission as this is a simple one that can be done using any standard calculator.